Reading in the times of distraction

“What is going on with me? I am about to become an analphabet” I came to such a conclusion two years ago whilst staring at a bookshelf in my home library. It was packed with books I had bought five years earlier and had never even opened. Fallen ideals Back in school I used to… Continue reading

Data Ventures – CEE venture capital firm fuelled by entrepreneurial practice

If you have been operating in CEE, you might have noticed these trends in the early stage venturing: most venture capitalists have amazing knowledge of finance, but not many of them are successful entrepreneurs who use growth strategies in practice there is a lot of capital available for early stage ventures, but not much of… Continue reading

What can you gain as a leader from traveling more?

I meet many hard working leaders who do not travel much unless they have a specific business-related task tied to it. As if traveling was a luxury they do not deserve just yet. Or just a simple waste of time for a busy person pursuing a large goal. I believe that leaving travels for later disempowers… Continue reading

From 0 to 100 days of daily meditation — is that for you?

It’s been 100… actually 130 days that I have been meditating every single day. I’m sharing my observations and hints for those of you who want to try. Why did I start? At the beginning of every new year I label that year with just one word. 2016 was the year of “balance”. To balance my… Continue reading

5 Steps To Start An Intrapreneurship Program

It is like a trip to the moon — everyone is talking about it but probably no one you know has ever been there.Embracing intrapreneurship is a decision to let the most entrepreneurial people in the company take risk and use innovative potential to add value to our business (instead of letting them go, so… Continue reading

Do you work like your heart works?

If you just woke up — don’t open your eyes. Breathe slowly. Listen to your heartbeat. Do you hear how your heart continuously contracts and relaxes? Notice the rhythm. It takes effort for the heart to contract. So after each beat there is a pause. A moment of silence and regeneration. The natural rhythm This… Continue reading

Turn Your “Bad Day” Into A Valuable Day by…Doing Nothing

In general I think of myself as well organised and hard working. Today I woke up too late, because the night before, I worked until 2AM. I skipped my morning spinning, because I didn’t manage to squeeze any workout before my meeting at 10AM. Then I was supposed to work on a creative project, but… Continue reading

How Your Employees’ Poor Communication Affects Your Sales

She picked up the phone and said: “Yes, I did receive your email”. That was my potential client’s Internal Communication Specialist who I had been trying to get in touch with for over a week. But let’s start the story from the beginning… Ten days ago I received a written confirmation that one of Poland’s… Continue reading

5 Benefits of Hiring an External Advisor

Have you been thinking about introducing a new product, service, channel for way too long? Want to open the window and let the innovative breeze inside? The Independent Business Catalyst can guide you through the process of change — saving you time, money and boosting your business results. What are the 5 benefits of working with an… Continue reading