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Power Speech – practical tips in an engaging form

Are you organizing team meetings or events for clients? Are you looking for an inspirational speech? You know that a typical motivational speech contains very few specific tools. On the other hand, the traditional expert lecture may have a monotonous and inaccessible form.Greg Albrecht’s Power Speech combines authentic enthusiastic motivation and strategic hints to follow through. It is a mix of energy and knowledge, that helps participants reach their goals. His experience comes from 15 years of running businesses and advising to business owners and board members. Power Speech works best as an opening of a board meeting, as a part of an inspiring event for employees or clients.

Greg presents strategies that show what kind of changes are to be made, to achieve expected results.

Examples of topics:

  • “Startup way” – How you can benefit from daily habits of successful entrepreneurs
  • “Overview of Your Business” – 7 points that can improve your business
  • “Strategic Thinking” – How to lead your thought-process while building a new product strategy
  • “Build a Personal Brand” – How to take care of reputation, appearance and build long-term relationships

We make sure that each speech meets the client’s business reality. Power Speech, followed by a Q and A session, which adds value in the form of ideas to address the specific challenges in the listener’s business. The standard Power Speech takes 45 minutes and is conducted in Polish or English.

Greg Albrecht – has been launching new products to the market for 15 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, advises board members and invests in startups. He is a certified ICC coach and mentor of Youth Business Poland. Read more: Read Greg’s bio>

Greg worked as a speaker among others for companies such as USP Zdrowie, Play, Orange, ING Bank Śląski, Deutsche Bank, Home Broker, Grupa Żywiec, Poczta Polska, PGE, Avon, Phillip Morris or GSK. Over the past three years, he has spoken to over 10 000 people in Europe and the US.

Radek Kropielnicki
Commercial Excellence Manager / GSK Poland

Radek Kropielnicki

about Power Speech for Sales Managers, during a cyclical meeting which concerns enhancing the competencies of managing people (Coaching Village) (...) Speech touched important topics for us, such as going beyond your responsibilities to build the company's success and your career. Specifics of startup’s which in the field of coaching and managing people, it is not so far from corporate approach. I’m recommending Greg with great pleasure. He gives his audience substantive knowledge and tools to achieve their goals. His speaking style is layered and substantive and also inspiring.

Aneta Kabot
Department of Marketing Communications / ING Bank Śląski

Aneta Kabot

about a series of Power Speeches for bank customers across Poland As a speaker he inspires and motivates participants to take on challenges and develop their business activities. His ability to spot ideas with potential and turn them into effective companies is very valuable. (...) The participants were extremely pleased and appreciated the speaker. What's more, good feedback prompted us to continue cooperation with Mr. Albrecht on further projects, including European Start-up Days 2017.

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