How to transform a company

“We need to change it, once and for all! Do you agree?” — asks a man in his forties dressed in a sleek made-to-measure suit and an unbuttoned shirt. There is a handsome crowd in the meeting room. Some people are staring at their smartphones or typing on their laptops. The few that seem to… Continue reading

The right pricing of a new product — seven practical hints

The game of pricing is like baking a cake. You need to put together multiple ingredients and then carefully manipulate the temperature and baking time to get the perfect chocolate fondant. You will never become the gourmet chef without trying, but learning the basics in the very beginning is a must. Introducing a new product… Continue reading

Why bother listening to others when there are deadlines to meet?

Customers calling, tasks falling from the sky and the printer has just broken. And then this trainee asks you how to reply to an irritated customer on social media. You open your mouth… and say: “Let me handle it”. Does it sound familiar? Delegating under pressure When we are under time pressure we experience difficulty… Continue reading

Make a difference with your work – a win-win strategy for your professional life

Once I posted that my solemn reason to be active professionally was to help make a positive difference in the lives of others and enjoy it. The majority of readers were supportive, but there were some who either thought I was pretending in order to impress my audience or that I was very rich, so… Continue reading

Art and leadership – what does it have in common?

I was raised in a home which held art in high regard. Both my grandfathers were artists – one a professional photographer and the other an architect and painter. My parents used to take me to art galleries when I was little and our flat was always full of pantings and albums full of paintings… Continue reading

The mental poison that you are likely absorbing. How to realize it and stop.

Before Pasteur discovered that dirty hands may transmit diseases, mortality rates had been much higher. It is simply because when we are aware of a potential threat and know how to easily avoid it, e.g. by washing our hands, many of us will change our habits. We still have a choice, but at least we… Continue reading

New year resolutions? – It’s time to deliver!

As the New Year is coming fitness clubs will be preparing for mayhem. Early January their facilities will be packed and there won’t be enough room to swing a cat. But by the end of March everything will have gone back to normal. There will be more than enough room for everyone to exercise. Many… Continue reading

Getting back on track – mental tips for keeping your habits

You have been following your morning routine every day. 22 consecutive days of meditation. Then it happened. One day you woke up late and you just couldn’t squeeze in the sitting practice before noon. Then in the evening you forgot to do it as well because it was not your habitual activity. Suddenly your streak… Continue reading

Public speaking is for you!

5 minutes to go. I’m sitting in the changing room, on a small chair facing the wall, I hardly hear the meditation guidance in my earphones as my heart is pounding like a hammer. The meditation session is over and I stand up. I start jumping like crazy. It wakes me up. My palms are… Continue reading

Why I fired myself — The 3 pillars to designing a career that will make you happy

I remember one day at the end of 2012 sitting in my office feeling useless and unhappy with my job. I wasn’t delivering the right value for my team, our clients and my other partners. I knew it was time for a change, but I didn’t know where to start. I was the CEO of… Continue reading