Public speaking is for you!

5 minutes to go. I’m sitting in the changing room, on a small chair facing the wall, I hardly hear the meditation guidance in my earphones as my heart is pounding like a hammer. The meditation session is over and I stand up. I start jumping like crazy. It wakes me up. My palms are… Continue reading

Why I fired myself — The 3 pillars to designing a career that will make you happy

I remember one day at the end of 2012 sitting in my office feeling useless and unhappy with my job. I wasn’t delivering the right value for my team, our clients and my other partners. I knew it was time for a change, but I didn’t know where to start. I was the CEO of… Continue reading

Confession of a procrastinator — why it happens and how to deal with it

My mom once told me a story about her university years. When students were supposed to study for an exam they suddenly found many other interesting and absorbing activities. For example boiling water for tea required a personal chaperon of the kettle throughout the whole heating process. So they stood and stared at the kettle,… Continue reading

How to increase the probability of success when launching a new product?

Once upon a time… I was responsible for commercializing a startup TV channel targeted at farmers. As nobody in our team had any formal experience in that industry we used a proven technique of data gathering. We posted a job offering and ran a number of job interviews with people from the largest media networks… Continue reading

Psychological red flags – startup behaviors that can turn an investor off

If you are an entrepreneur, step into the shoes of an early stage venture capitalist. Imagine that you are responsible for every dollar you invest. You get into a meeting with a startup. After this short conversation you want to make the first assessment. If you invest you will have to deal with these founders… Continue reading

Back from the darkness — how I stood up and changed the trajectory of my life

Someone takes you by the hand and drags you in an unknown direction. He claims that it is the right direction and you blindly trust and follow him into the unknown. Not knowing your guide’s values, emotions or aspirations. Imagine opening up your eyes one day and realising that the place you have arrived has… Continue reading

Dealing with your side-business

It is 2 a.m. You are sitting at your desk and writing emails you don’t want to write about things you don’t really feel interested in. Each day after you come back home you feel obliged to take care of it. It’s a love hate relationship: it’s your side business. The temptation of a side-business… Continue reading

Design your perfect day

“We are what we repeatedly do”, this thought, mistakenly assigned to Aristotle, was in fact formulated by Will Durant in a commentary of the Greek philosopher’s thoughts. When I first saw this quote I started wondering what I do every day and how it influences my happiness and my results. It is pretty obvious if… Continue reading

Reading in the times of distraction

“What is going on with me? I am about to become an analphabet” I came to such a conclusion two years ago whilst staring at a bookshelf in my home library. It was packed with books I had bought five years earlier and had never even opened. Fallen ideals Back in school I used to… Continue reading

Data Ventures – CEE venture capital firm fuelled by entrepreneurial practice

If you have been operating in CEE, you might have noticed these trends in the early stage venturing: most venture capitalists have amazing knowledge of finance, but not many of them are successful entrepreneurs who use growth strategies in practice there is a lot of capital available for early stage ventures, but not much of… Continue reading