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Are you organizing team meetings or events for clients? Are you looking for an inspirational speech? You know that a typical motivational speech contains very few specific tools. On the other hand, the traditional expert lecture may have a monotonous and inaccessible form.

What can a speech by Greg Albrecht give you?

Greg Albrecht’s speech combines authentic enthusiastic motivation and strategic hints to follow through. It is a mix of energy and knowledge, that helps participants reach their goals. His experience comes from 16 years of running businesses and advising to business owners and board members. Power Speech works best as an opening of a board meeting, as a part of an inspiring event for employees or clients.

Greg Albrecht’s biography

Greg presents strategies that show what kind of changes are to be made, to achieve expected results.

Examples of topics:

  • “Adjusting your mind heart to make a change.”
  • “Corporate entrepreneurship” – great stories written together.
  • “Startup way” – How you can benefit from daily habits of successful entrepreneurs
  • “Overview of Your Business” – 7 points that can improve your business
  • “Strategic Thinking” – How to lead your thought-process while building a new product strategy
  • “Build a Personal Brand” – How to take care of reputation, appearance and build long-term relationships

We make sure that each speech meets the client’s business reality.

Speech, followed by a Q and A session, which adds value in the form of ideas to address the specific challenges in the listener’s business. The standard speech takes 45 minutes and is conducted in Polish or English.

Efekt motyla – niuanse, które budują mistrzostwo

STRATEGY OF TOMORROW 12 ways to accelerate your business

Greg Albrecht – has been launching new products to the market for 15 years. He is a serial entrepreneur, advises board members and invests in startups. He is a certified ICC coach and mentor of Youth Business Poland.

Greg Albrecht’s biography

Greg worked as a speaker among others for companies such as: USP Zdrowie, Play, Orange, ING Bank Śląski, Deutsche Bank, Home Broker, Grupa Żywiec, Poczta Polska, PGE, Avon, Philip Morris or GSK. Over the past three years, he has spoken to over 12 000 people in Europe and the US.

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Askaniusz Kocemba
Development director / Home Broker

We are confident in recommending Greg Albrecht as a speaker. He presented the speech “Entrepreneurship for Sales Managers”, during Home Brokers end of year Summary. Greg relates directly to the audience through shared experiences and provides great advices. He hit directly on the points we requested. We were very satisfied with his sincerity, usefulness and inspiring performance. He used examples of how his concepts worked in real-life situations. It became lessons that has been replicated throughout the company in many different areas because of its value.

Juliusz Kornaszewski
Managing Director / Mindspot Communication & Media

Working with Grzegorz is not only comfortable (because of his reliability) but also interesting. He is broad minded which helps to bring new ideas to our IT reality.

Piotr J. Langer
Head of HR Poland / Novartis

We met with Greg in 2007, from the very beginning getting along with creative concepts and approach towards branding. Working with him was an inspirational journey, always (even in the very tough times) based on partnership & integrity. He is truly a remarkable person!

Wojciech Waglowski
General Manager Warsaw Office / FleischmanHillard

I've have worked with Grzegorz on several projects and can recommend him as reliable business partner. Not only exceptional level of service but also creativity and ability to assess business impact of his services make Grzegorz a trustful advisor.

Wan-ting Yang
Advertising Director / Vouge

Greg is an intelligent business manager with the great ability to manage the multiple programs. He is also a good and flexible solution finder for any upcoming challenges. It was very nice to work with him and we had achieve several great projects together.

Marcin Samek
IT Network Security Analyst (MSS) / Trustwave

I would like to recommend Grzegorz as very creative, kind and open-minded person! He tackles his work with ease and with much use of those positive qualities! 🙂

Sean Chen
Regional Director OPBG Central & Northen Europe / ASUS

Grzegorz is very professional and very target oriented on his work. In the time I worked with him, he has very good performance and always find solution to overcome the difficulties.

Magdalena Rosa
Head of Marketing, CEEMEA / Logitech

Grzegorz is one of the best business advisers you can have. Highly goal & driving success oriented, open minded, heading straight to solution. He has excellent business sense, and with his experience and dedication you can be sure he is the right person to help you deliver growth you are looking for. He’s full of energy,very inspiring person, which you can trust and rely on. And simply nice person to work with. Definitely recommended.

Mateusz Ciasnocha
Vice President of Oxford Entrepreneurs / University of Oxford

As Vice President of Oxford Entrepreneurs – the largest student-run society focused on entrepreneurship in Europe – I am extremely grateful to Greg Albrecht for not only joining our largest event: Oxford Inspires and delivering a fantastic presentation there, but also for a wholehearted support of the initiative.

Steliana Moraru
IT Marketing & Communication Manager / Mosaic Works. Think. Design. Work smart.

I hereby recommend Greg Albrecht, as we collaborated very well on Product Leaders (un)Conference, an international event where Greg was one of the invited speakers.
I found Greg to be an excellent professional, experienced, creative and willing to share with an audience from more than 10 countries insights and valuable knowledge on innovation & product development.

Based on the audience feedback, Greg is a skilled and charismatic speaker and the organising team can also add that he has the right attitude and loves to deliver a speech in an enthusiastic, engaging manner.

Victor Chen
International Business Development / Swire Pacific

Greg has been one of the most extraordinary hirings in my encounters throughout Eastern European region hirings. If you’re looking for someone who follows orders and execute normal demands, he’s probably he last person you should look for. His talent resides on the most meticulous understanding of the Polish culture and bridges bridges between understandings. If you wishes to penetrate Polish market, Greg would be the person I would look for from bottom of my heart.

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